by phoxis

I wanted to write a blog for long, a casual one, where I can type in everyday stuffs, casual stuffs, and some times, well written stuffs. Whenever I think of starting such a blog, a series of questions starts to come in my mind. What will be the name, how the posts will be organized, and most importantly what and how should I write. I have problems in expressing my thoughts in writing or when speaking to someone. While writing sometimes I go describing unnecessary details of some specific topic, which is absolutely not required at that moment, and try to make it perfect. If I try to stop at some point, I can’t. Every moment I have a strange feeling that, maybe I have missed something, maybe I was not able to convey my ideas to the other end, and again start iterating on the stuff. This process ends in endless hours of painful brainstorming trying to organize the things I want to say or write, and sometimes they things get structured, and a lot of time the writings lie in a draft state in my disk.

I started a blog 4 years back from now, which has a focus on technical stuffs related to computer science, Linux etc. The target was to try to take time, write some good articles, and post. I found it was not easy to make a good post. Some of the posts I made took almost 3 months to write and test. Though I am happy that I was able to churn out some good articles for the blog, some of which also was published in a magazine.

I decided not to blur the focus of the other blog and make another blog for the general stuffs, ramblings and random things using my limited vocabulary and control on English language and strange sentence structures (Thanks to the computer science books).

And oh! What about the strange name “ringlevel0” ? No, it’s nothing to do with any ring, it’s a stuff related to protection levels of a microprocessor. Ring level zero is the lowest level, inner most ring, of the privilege in a microprocessor which will allow execution of any instruction. Okay, no more bad stuffs here, sorry for the name, but it tries to reflect the inner story, another picture, which is not visible/accessible in my other blog, and also reflects that I couldn’t find a better available name.

I tell people to blog, because it is a completely different kind of media, a different world than the existing “social” media websites, and now I hope to see myself filling up this blog in regular interval.