by phoxis

Here is an old post from the “other blog”. The Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) are growing like mushrooms all over the city, and the degradation in quality and service is noticeable. This post was from 2010, but in recent days too I have faced inconsistencies in the service in different parts of my city, and also in some other parts of India. This is one the experiences I wrote during the festive season of Durga Puja in 2010.


We entered a Cafe Coffee Day shop a bit away from the main road clutter near Bejoygarh, to get better ambience than the loud SouthCity Shopping mall outlet. We selected a corner and had a seat, and waited for the menu card. It seemed like we are invisible because the menu card was distributed to the other tables occupied after our arrival. We were joking on the significance of a drink named “xxx” displayed on the case, suddenly the menu card came, with an apology from the waiter.

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