Some Coffee-less Coffee in Cafe Coffee Day

by phoxis

I posted an experience in Cafe Coffee previously in my other blog two years ago (which I have recently reblogged here). For some strong coffee there is not much option except either go to Cafe Coffee Day or to Barista, else you need to know if some place serves good coffee, which is extremely difficult to find here. Not only the coffee but also I need to keep an eye on the out-flow of the money. Therefore after moving into a new city for my graduate degree I was searching for a place which serves good coffee. and found none. After some googling I found out that there was a Cafe Coffee Day within 5 to 6 kilometers from the campus. Fall back point.

For me the experience of Cafe Coffee Day is extremely variying. They will serve wrong items, for example at least 5 out of 10 times they will bring Cappuccino when Choco-Cappuccino was ordered, and the statistics is accurate. Sometimes they simply forget the order. Sometimes they tell that it was not ordered, when I need to take the bill out and point to the entry of the un-served order. Many CCDs cannot be entered because of the extremely loud gentry and even louder music. There is also a problem in difference of serving time, you will get the order served quickly, but your friend’s order takes forever to get served. The one we went back in home city had acceptable environment, but the music was louder than what it should be, and sometimes the music selection was disgusting. You never know if the coffee which is going to be served will be good or bad that day. The problem is that it is a monopoly. Different kinds of coffee are not served in other places at the same cost, and there are not as many Barista in the city as CCDs. May be there are some other shops, but they are not that much well known, and definitely not nearby my home. The current city doesn’t have any Barista at all, atleast as per the google maps, therefore we need to fall back. CCD.

The first time we went was good. After some days we decided to visit again. I ordered my general black coffee, two friends with whom I came ordered cold coffee (forgot the name). After some time it was served. The serving time was quite good, and I did not notice things that much, until I saw the colour of the cold coffee. It was white. I picked up the menu card and read what they were using to make the coffee and what was the composition. Yes it is mentioned that they are using coffee to prepare it. Then why is it white? I took one of the glasses and smelled it twice. No, can’t find a trace of coffee. To confirm I took a sip. It was milk shake with chocolate sauce. They served coffee-less coffee. I checked my black coffee, the colour was dark, therefore I didn’t bother that much, and quickly reported about this to in the counter. The in-charge first didn’t want to agree, but after insisting he came and inspected the glasses and: “Sorry sir!”, and took away the glasses. “That’s good”, I said in my mind.

After two minutes the order was reserved. This time the colour was a bit dark, and seemed that the forensic investigators will get some coffee traces from the glasses. I took a sip and it was disappointing. The amount of coffee added was too low. Next I noticed the pattern of chocolate in the inner wall of the glass. Yes it was the old glass, they just added some pinch of coffee and served the old one. What else. They started to sip it.

Next I started to have my one. At first sip it seemed okay, but the next sip felt like I was having black hot water. Although the colour seemed okay, but the concentration was very low for me. Were they low on ammo ? (coffee?) We finished the stuffs and returned back.

Recently a new coffee shop has opened just outside the campus, Flavours Cafe, which is much better than CCD in service and  food. Now for some strong coffee we can go down there and have some coffee.