Maintaining room temperature with a laptop and a laptop cooler

by phoxis

To maintain the temperature of the room I have both a heater and a cooler. Both of them operate in harmony to maintain the room temperature. I am now staying in a part of my country where the temperature in the winter is much lower than my home town. The heater is helping to keep the room warm. The cooler on the other hand is stopping the heater from overheating. That is because I cannot control the temperature of the heater, not I can adjust the cooler. They just operate as per their wish. Only one control I have is to increase the temperature of the heater. I was able to increase the temperature of the heater, a couple of times, beyond the point it was built for and disable it temporarily (thank God!). If you wonder why is this strange configuration then here is the answer. My heater manufacturer is Dell and the cooler manufacturer is CoolerMaster.

Yes it is depressing. My laptop maintains normal temperature around 70 deg C when nothing much is running. Once I ran something in the laptop which consumed all the processors 100% and resulted in 99 deg C . While it was running, I don’t know why (may to to pass time while the work was being done?), I tried to open the movie player which immediately shut down the laptop. First I thought it’s gone, tried for 30 mins to power it on, effort in vain. I found out the bill and called a local shop and took the service center number, which was closed at that time. After some more time, I tried once more to power it on, and ah! it worked! May be the temperature came down. This was the third time it happened, although the the first two times, which was because of blocked vents, I was able to power it on and operate normally in 5 to 10 minutes.

In this room two laptops run and if you enter the room you can feel that it is warmer than other rooms which does not have computers (in the hostel). Sometimes I place my hands on the vent to heat them, sometimes even I warm the legs too. Keep the laptop under the blanker for some time, and there you are, a warm bed ready. To increase the temperature I just need to run a computation intensive program which easily takes up the temperature within seconds. Although bringing down the temperature back to the “normal” (for this laptop) takes time.

The laptop is relatively new therefore I don’t think that I need to cleanup the fan, but I will clean it up after the current chunk work is over and I reach home. For the time being and for future I invested for a laptop cooler. The cooler I bought was in my target for long, and I delayed the order thinking: “it’s working fine, okay let me see some more days, and I will order” . Now was the time. I need to keep the cool air flowing around the bottom vents of the laptop. Therefore I logged into flipkart and ordered one.

The cooler was delivered. It had two position adjustable fans. Each fan has four legs to snap into the holes of the aluminum base. One of the fan came with a broken leg. I found the piece of the broken leg and have still preserved so that I can attach it when I buy a cement adhesive. The defective  fan works fine, no problem holding onto the grid. Yes, I could send it back to flipkart, but again I have to send it, again I have to wait, and again … , so let it go.

I keep the USB connector of the fan on the right port of the laptop. Later I realized that I was using the super speed USB3.0 port to run a fan! Other ports are either being used or inconvenient for the connector to reach. I hope the developers of this latest technology doesn’t come to know of this fact that someone is running a fan using a USB3.0 port. Next another trouble. The laptop started slipping downwards the slope of the cooler base, although there is a rubber base and at the first day it sat tightly. Further investigation reviled that the rubber stands (on the four corners) on the bottom of the laptop were torn away because of the grip between the laptop rubber pads and the cooler’s rubber pads. I found them out and added a lot of adhesive (which is not effective to fix the leg of the fan) to fix them. They are still holding on the base.

The laptop more or less runs all the day and at night when I go to sleep I put the lid down which puts the laptop into hibernate mode. Next morning when I open the lid, one of the fan starts vibrating making an annoying noise, especially it feels more annoying when I have just woke up. Some good  hard jerks and punches solves the problem and the fan stops complaining: “On the behalf of both of us; Why? why do you keep us on ALL the day and ALL the night!” and curse CoolerMaster and eventually flipkart for shipping it to me.

The temperature? Yes, no, maybe it is cooling the laptop by some degrees, but when I run some serious application, the same story, temperature above 95 deg C. Some say that I must visit the service center and report about this. Lets see, when I go back home, I think it will be a wise idea to get the thing inspected. A stitch in a time saves nine.