Christmas, for me

by phoxis

I have some memories when I was a child,  my brother decorated the Christmas tree and I helped him decorating the tree, walls and the room. My brother’s friends came and had a very good time, with music, cakes, food, and the most thrilling Christmas crackers. No photo (may be some are there) or video record remains but some nice clips are embedded inside my mind. After that when they grew up, this celebration started to fade as he and his friends became busy in their work. The tradition was taken up by me. The most thrilling part was to buy the decorations. I went to the shops with my mother, and sometimes my grandmother and bought different kinds of decorations, cut paper and make different kinds of design and worked really hard on the Christmas day. I never wanted to buy a new Christmas tree, although it was old faded and didn’t looked that good. That old Christmas tree was like an old friend, I liked to decorate it. I don’t remember who, but some one bought a new smaller Christmas tree. It didn’t replace the old one, instead it sat beside it.

Another thrilling thing was the gifts from Santa. It was an excellent feeling to get different things from Santa, whatever it be, it didn’t matter, the thing which mattered is the fun getting them, and whatever I get that day was extremely special and priceless to me. Generally the weather at this time is very nice in my city, not too cold (for us) and not hot. At the day my friends came and we enjoyed with the different kinds of cakes, food, soft drinks, indoor games and music. The Christmas day was magical.

As time passed by,  friends started to get busy, some moved elsewhere, the decorations started to loose its glitter and shine and minimal at a point the Christmas tree was not anymore taken out for The day, and it seemed that I started to enter the stage in which my brother entered years ago. I felt this change, it was a bit difficult to see the Christmas tree lying on the corner covered with dust, it was a bit strange to see a quiet room where once we gathered for the party. Time is ticking, I felt.

I always try to hang onto old things and also try out and accept new thing at the same time. I feel an attachment to old things and old practices while the attraction to try out the new. While the things goes like it was before, it feels like everything is going exactly like as before, although everything changes slowly. At a point of time the change is substantially visibly when you can feel that a lot of time has passed and there is no option left to leave the old things and practices. It may feel bad to leave the old nice things which we all did and had a good time, but the old things were not always old, they were also new once, and it became the good old thing only because we accepted it as a new. I welcomed the new ways of doing things while preserving the old in my mind forever.

There were a few of us who organized a special meet on Christmas. The meeting was done on phone and by meeting on anyone’s place. We wrote down the food item list and the timing. On The day we bought the food and gathered in someone’s place and had a great time chatting funny stuffs, nonsense, and sensible things. We continued to gather for some years like this until only me and another friend was left and available at that day. We just went to each others house (depending on what we decide) with some snacks and chatted like normal day, watched TV and had fun. In the back of the mind there was “today is Christmas” which gave an extra boost and festive mood.

At a point of time, we couldn’t manage meeting up on that day and I spent the day celebrating with myself and family. Celebration was decreased into having cake and food which was not brought or cooked everyday, watching Christmas special TV programs and other movies, and not reading academic stuffs. It was not that it felt bad, things change and each change has it’s different shade of goodness. We need to find out by changing the point of view and enjoy it. This was the scenario till last year.

This year I won’t be home on the day of Christmas . The examination dates were delayed therefore the examination will end on January 2nd instead of December 16th. I will spent the Christmas day here studying for the upcoming examination and by washing my clothes. I don’t think anyone (friends) back there will be celebrating Christmas anymore in my home city (Kolkata), except may be they will go out and enjoy the holiday.

The best thing of festivals I like is it gathers friends and family for one day out from the busy schedules and allows us to enjoy with friends and family, and let us cherish the old memories. For me Christmas, and any other festival, is nothing to do with the religion and I also don’t know the whole history behind it (except what I remember from the old school books). Gathering with friends can be done at any time any day, it doesn’t require any special day, but Christmas (and some other festivals and the days which we used to celebrate) has been special because we have been celebrating on that day from childhood which makes the day special by making a link between me in now and me in the past.

Although things are not like what it used to be, it’s not going to bar me from enjoying the day. This time I will celebrate Christmas by calling up people on phone specially, going through the old and not-so-old memories and make a cup of tea specially for Christmas and shout in my mind “Hey today is Christmas!!”, and enjoy the day!

I made a wallpaper on 2010 Christmas and posted in the other site. Here I am re-posting it. Merry Christmas to you all!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!