Opening door with a ninja kick

by phoxis

It was two years back when I used the ninja kick to open the door of the bathroom to enter. It is no normal ninja kick, it is well calculated, well timed, well placed and well choreographed delicate but full powered kick. The special property is the toes should impact the door and swing it open, and in case the door is locked then neither the foot nor the door breaks. The right legs comes up to the starting position with the knee near my chest after that the power blow, the right leg straightens impacting the door. I measured the quality of the kick depending on the fun and feel of the kick. Mostly a kick with more power but which delicately opened the door felt the best. I mastered this door-opening art-form and after months this was in my reflexes, and it didn’t took much focus to make a great kick to open the door.

Next I thought why not try a new style, the leg should swing and the foot should hit the door at an angle. Although this was a bit tricky, because the leg swing needs more space on the right and there was a cupboard on the right hand side of the door, but the new style was going well and I soon was used to it. It felt like kicking a bad guy on his face.

One day everything was normal, towel and clothes in my right hand and I was approaching the door, positioned myself and swung my leg. When I got momentum I realized that something is seriously wrong, and before I could think of possibilities, the cause of the feeling was in front of me with probability 1. BOOM and CRACK. The foot hit the door frame instead of the door. The BOOM shook the room, but I was worried about the CRACK! The crack was loud enough, and if it came from my leg, then I definitely have increased the number of units of bones in my body. I tried to walk around, and it seemed that it was okay, but I couldn’t feel a thing in the right foot for a long time. I inspected the door frame, it cracked from the bottom part. Though the kick was powerful but not powerful enough to crack the wooden door frame, the roaches and water has contributed towards it, and the kick cracked the frame a bit more.

Later I noticed that the right foot was swollen and I was feeling intense pain on the right side of the foot. First I thought to see a doctor, maybe something has broken. I couldn’t walk for 4 ~ 5 days properly. Even after that the pain persisted, though decreasing. After about a year the pain was gone for good. I think it would have been better if I visited a doctor, because there might have been some damage which might become permanent.

I have given up the ninja kick idea till now, and do only occasionally.