The day I used a hair conditioner to shampoo

by phoxis

I mentioned in the last post that once I accidentally applied hair conditioner instead of shampoo. Here is the story. I went to take a bath with a sachet of Sunsilk. The sachet was a free sample given out by our electricity service provider, which was inside the electricity bill envelope (they often give out such goodies!). I do not read what kind of shampoo it is, damage repair, anti dandruff, anti-hairfall, if it comes with protein, vitamins minerals, fruits, rocket science or whatever, I just ask for something which will wash out all the dirt from my hair, and which won’t result in a void space on my head.

After tearing the sachet I squeezed some of it out on my hand, rubbed the hands together, and applied in my wet hair. When I bath generally I think of different things and focus on them. After some time I realized that there is no foam being formed, so I started to rub my hand through the hair tougher, which didn’t help. Then I took out some more out of the sachet and re-tried to create a good foam, which didn’t improve anything. Next I thought that may be this is some special kind of shampoo which does not form foam, also it was thicker than shampoo. Also recently there was a detergent powder advertisement in the television which said that it didn’t create much foam but cleans clothes better than others. So, maybe some special kind of shampoo is out in the market of which I am not aware of. Then I just washed out the stuff. The hair was feeling exxxtra smooth. When I used the towel to dry the hair it slipped like my hair was ideal physics experiment substance with zero coefficient of friction. I again tried to wash, and it felt like the substance inside the sachet formed a layer around each hair, which was impossible to get rid off. After several tries I thought, may be I should read the instructions on the backside of the sachet. I fetched the sachet and it was written that I should apply it well on the hair and then rinse it with water. BUT it also said “after shampoo”. I was like “WTF!” after shampoo again shampoo ? I flipped the sachet and there it was. The “Sunsilk” brand name was shouting loud, and the “conditioner” was laughing at me. Damn! I can’t remove it from my hair. It took around 3 days to completely go away from my hair. From then I always read what is written on the packet.

Even being so careful, I applied facewash on my hair, and that too on the April Fool’s day!