I almost attempted to pee in the cabin crew cupboard

by phoxis

I cannot sleep in aircraft, the economy class is very uncomfortable for long flights. I was on a connecting flight from Kolkata to iStanbul. After finishing off my playlist and viewing some movie, I tried to get some sleep. I slept for some time, but the liquid pressure awoke me. I stood up and could not balance myself for a moment as I was still very sleepy but got back control and approached the lavatory. I tried to open the door of the lavatory which was not opening. I tried a lot to open the door but failed. Next I observed someone came outside the door on the opposite right side of the door which I was trying to open. Damn! That was the moment when I really had a look at the entire door and discovered it was the cabin crew cupboard, and I was trying to open it and hydrate the stuffs in there. Then I approached the opposite door and released some liquid pressure.