The aircraft lavatory misery

by phoxis

After the lunch, as normal there is a long queue for the lavatory and seats are reclined in the preparation to get a good sleep during the remaining time of flight. I generally empty myself before the flight or well before the food is served, to increase the chances of me not being in the queue. I enjoy inspecting the long queues for the lavatory in the aircraft. People from the same compartment try to get to the ones adjacent to the compartment and the nearest. There are some inter compartment travellers who try their luck travelling all the way from another compartment, most of the time, only to get disappointed. Many in the queue are impatient and keeps looking on the green/red lights which indicate the occupancy of the lavatory. Some seem really helpless, I feel sorry for them.

Once, on the way back from iStanbul to Kolkata via Dubai, there was a group of Chinese people travelling travelling one one of the connecting flights (which one, I forgot). I had the most boring seat, middle column left aisle, near the lavatory. After the lunch, as usual people started to queue fr the lavatory. This aircraft has a different type of lavatory door. This one doesn’t folds on the middle, and opens like a normal door. The majority people in the queue were Chinese men and women. I focused on one Chinese man, middle aged, who was really interesting to me.

Our middle aged Chinese man is an inter-compartmental lavatory user, he came from the front compartment. He first came down to the lavatory, which was near me, only to discover a queue. It was not too long and had mainly Chinese men and women. The man waited for his turn. After some time he started to become impatient, said something to the woman standing next to him, looked all around, tried to look down the passage on the other compartment. After a minute or two when he was still at the end of the queue and the next person entered the lavatory, he left his position and went back to the front compartment.

Undaunted, he came back to reclaim his position, but discovered that the queue was now two more people loner than before. He left the queue immediately and again went toward the front compartment, but stopped beside the cabin crew storage cupboard on the front side of our compartment. This cupboard had a door which folds in the middle and opens. Our guy tried to open the door, may be mistaking it as the lavatory (which once I did!). First he pushed, then he pulled, then he jerked the door, next he knocked it (with no response from inside). Then he came back the queue for the lavatory near which I was sitting. The queue has become shorter now. After some time, the guy again got back to the cupboard, and now worked with the knobs and opened it and simultaneously attempted to enter, but immediately discovered what it was and now tried to close the door of the cupboard. He went back to his compartment.

The lavatory near me now has only one or may be two persons in the queue. After sometime the person in the lavatory came out to let the next person in. Now at this moment our guy came back and saw that one person leaving. He came down near the door.

I cannot see the lavatory door completely, but this is was I saw and heard. He opened the door and made an inarticulate sound and was surprised and astonished. Almost immediately I heard a women make a same kind of sound from inside the lavatory, and boom! The guy shuts the door and hurriedly goes on the other compartment. After some time the woman inside the lavatory comes out and hurries back to her seat.

After some more time, the guy appears, yes again, and there was no queue. This is when he got a chance to enter the lavatory and get out of his misery.

The things happened very quietly and within a very shot time frame. I was inspecting the guy closely and I felt sorry for the guy as I know how it feels when the buffer is overflowing, but I can’t hold myself after the last incident and was laughing very hard.