We need more involvement and attention to detail

by phoxis

However small or large, difficult or easy, bad or good, boring or thrilling something may seem at first, the thing required to understand it and get the actual picture of it from your perspective, is to get involved with it. Whenever you involve yourself with the thing, you discover new aspects of it by noticing minute details and by interpreting them from different perspectives and point of views. The more you get involved you start to discover more detail and get new creative ideas which tempt you to modify and change or create new things and ideas from which you gain more thrill, fun and joy. In this process whatever new you create should feel like an integrated part of yourself.

The word “thing” refers not only to objects with physical existence but also the image of it which forms within you. Also it refers to the images of individuals which build up in you through communication. I once tried to represent the somewhat complex (or pointless) idea of image in a post: A representation of the physical world inside our minds . Things require time and attention and only then it starts communicating with you. Even if it is a person who can “talk”, but communication is a different thing.

It is not necessary that getting involved with some thing to an idea or a thing will make you like it and get you an infinite source of joy, what I believe it will do is to give you a much better picture of what it is. A very physical world example: research about something you want to buy on the Internet and then visit a showroom to test it. Yet another example is complex science topics which repel you away. You can never know, involvement and time, an exposure to it may reveal an entire world to you. It is a different question if you like it or not.

The main cause I think one should try to get involved with some thing, idea, person or whatever is because it is almost always never the way the stuffs seems as first. In this world every thing have infinite detail and are infinitely complex. It is not possible to get to know everything of most of the things at one time and also interpret them in ways. If someone finds something boring then I would tell that person is not sensitive enough to find the details. It’s all inside in the mind.

Expectation is closely related to liking and disliking. If someone likes something he/she will generally expect to to get that thing or make that thing happen, and if he/she dislikes it he/she will want that the thing never occurs. Rooted from this expectation, most of the time it is disappointing and demoralizing to confront failure to achieve what you actually wanted to create or change. Sometimes it is overwhelming to achieve success which might tempt us to become self satisfied or even demoralize and underestimate others. What we should remember in these cases that the picture with which we were working is only a part of a much larger picture. We should celebrate the achievement without demoralizing others and saturating ourselves in satisfaction, also we should not sit in disappointment and demoralize ourselves in the failure or achieving some objective.

In the current state-of-the art “social” communication, I see numbers represent friends, a person is represented as node of a graph in “social network” sites, where two persons sit together in a coffee shop but interact with their “smart” phones with their fingers, where the quality or “good-ness” of something is measured by the value of a counter which is incremented using a button, where the wrapper is what it matters the most. Where many people think things are “not working anymore” as soon as adversary is faced. You will also know these things, like me.

To emphasize again, the “thing” is applicable to almost any subject, physical or virtual. The  “thing”, whatever it be, needs your more attention and involvement, because it is quality which is the priority, and quality required time, energy, involvement, hardwork and dedication.