by phoxis

I went to meet someone, who was staying in a hotel nearby where I stay these days. As I knew in which room the per son was staying I straight entered the hotel, after the brief mandatory scanning process, I called the lift to the ground floor. The lift arrived and I entered it. The doors closed. All the time I was thinking about something and was not fully aware of what was going on. After some brief moment I felt that the lift is taking a considerable amount of time to get to the second floor, and the lift’s floor counter was still showing G. I pressed the button 2 again. Again after some more time, the lift was still on floor G. I was really annoyed at that point, and tried to figure out what the problem was. I noticed that when I pressed the button 2, the light around the button lit up while the button was pressed, and when I released the button the light around the button turned off, where it should be on, and the lift should move. I looked around for instruction cards, and there was none.

While I was analyzing the environment, the lift door opened, someone has called the lift. There was a visitor and a hotel-person who seemed to have a job to greet and assist people. I told him that the lift is not working. He asked my which floor, I told him second floor. Then he asked me for the card. What card? He told that the room key card is required for the lift to start, and therefore the person whom I want to visit has to come down and receive me.

I went out, and they called the person and afterwards I was in the room.

Although I never used these kind of lift, but I understand the way the lift is designed. My question is, why there is no instruction card inside the lift? Why? Is this mechanism so popular that this does not require an instruction card? When I shared this funny incident with the person, she told that she was also stuck in the lift for a long time, even after having the key card, until a hotel-guy came and “taught” how to use the lift.

And oh, the room had a similarly ambiguous light switch and a crystal clear fully transparent glass-walled bathroom, but the door was translucent (what’s going on?!).