Moral of a story

by phoxis

We all have read the story of the rabbit and the tortoise. The rabbit challenges the tortoise for a race. The overconfident rabbit, knowing that the tortoise is slow, gave a lot of slack and relaxed and fell asleep while the race was on. The tortoise went on slowly but consistently and finished the race before the rabbit did. Moral of the story: Slow but steady wins the race.

I read this story when I was a child, though almost like everyone and every story, I understood it, but did not realize and feel what the actual moral was. Recently I, along with a few more people were being shown a motivational video on a screen projected through a projector. It was about the rabbit and the tortoise. I will first tell the story from the video, then I will tell another small story.

It first showed the good old story. Moral was the same. Then the story extends as follows. After being defeated, the rabbit realized his mistake that he was fast but he did not take sincerely. After this realization the rabbit challenges the tortoise on the same race track for another race. The tortoise accepts the challenge, but little did he know that the rabbit was a changed person. The race started, the rabbit ran fast and very quickly outran the tortoise and won the race by a huge margin. Moral of the story: Fast and steady wins the race.

Next, the tortoise understands the problem. He understands that he is slow and limited. He thought about his strong points and realizes that, everyone is not suited for all environments. Therefore the rabbit now challenges the rabbit, but asked for a new track. The rabbit accepted the challenge without any doubt. The race started and the rabbit quickly ran past the tortoise. After some time the rabbit encountered a river, and he did not know what to do as he could not swim. The tortoise slowly reached the river then swam it very fast to the other shore and reached the finish line, which was not very far away. The rabbit was stuck and could not finish. Moral: Slow or fast, one needs to understand the problem before applying the skills one has. Not all people are suited for all kinds of environment.

Now both rabbit and tortoise has learned important lessons. The rabbit came and now asked for a last race on the last track with the river, but with a special condition. The rabbit wanted to run the race but not to compete with the tortoise, instead he wanted to run the race with the tortoise, cooperatively together, to compete with the hurdle instead of each other. The tortoise liked this idea to work together to solve a common problem and combine the positive points of both of them. Therefore the race started. First the rabbit carried the tortoise till they reached the river bank. After reaching the river bank the tortoise carried the rabbit and swam the river. Then the rabbit again carried the tortoise and ran and crossed the finish line. Both have won this time. Moral: Cooperative teamwork by helping each other to overcome each others drawbacks and combine each others skills help achieve targets.

This was the end of the video. But, the real moral of the story was yet to come. The people in the room appreciated the video, and within them there was a person who told “If I was the tortoise then I would drop the rabbit in the river, and if I was the rabbit then after crossing the river I would not carry the tortoise anymore and finish the race alone. Either you be first, or you be no one.” .

I cannot express in writing what the moral of the story is, but I have felt it and I will remember it. On another aspect, about morals of any story, what I want to say is: One does not learn to ride a bicycle by reading a book.