Blogging, Longer time than I thought

by phoxis

This blog has grown older than what I thought it is. This is because the purpose of this blog, which was to post quick and small things, was not fulfilled due to not keeping up the pressure. This normally will happen to any blogger starting, a burst of posts initially, and will face this block and gaps frequently, then either stability and life or stagnation and death. The year 2013 went pretty well, 2014 and 2015 was not good at all. Though I do not think things will get any better this year, but need to keep the pressure as normal. For this blog the mark should be four posts per month, atleast. Till now it has done around 1.2 posts per month.

In the other technical blog now on it’s seventh year, is a disaster in last two years. There is 2 actual posts (posts which makes sense) in 2014 and 2015. The worst. Several drafts are there in my disk, but just does not pass through, it is hard to push the publish button, especially on the other technical blog. Here too, I do no think it will get any better, but I am thinking to loosen the theme of the blog a bit such that it can accommodate posts with a bit lower detail and a bit more informally, so that they can be written a bit quicker. But, again, the pressure must be there one post a month or two sometimes would be more than enough for the other blog. Till now it has done around 1.5 posts per month ( still doing better 😐 )

We will see what can be done in these domain. I am expecting myself to allocate some amount of time to force myself to think, draft and post and keep the thing on. Yes we know about the blogging tutorial in and obviously about Timethief (if you are around in But, if any of you have any personalised techniques suggestions on keeping the blogs alive and healthy, write it down in the comments and let me know.