The Beef is Pork confusion

by phoxis

We were in the legendary Tundey Kebabi in Lucknow, Uttarpradesh. We were around 10 people for a one day outing from Banaras Hindu University to Lucknow. We ordered mutton biriyani, mutton chap, chapli kebabs, parathas. None of us eats beef except me and another two friends in the group, one of whom was a friend of us from Herat,Afghanistan, studying with us.

It was a tiring day, as we started at night from Banaras and travelled overnight in train and reached Lucknow. Then we directly went for hot samosa and jalebi, and roamed around under the sun, had some kulcha chola. Visited a few places (not discussing about them here).

After the meal was served, people started eating immediately. The food starting vanishing quickly. Everyone was eating, except our friend from Afghanistan avoided the beef chapli kebabs. I kept his share on the plate. He just continued eating the other kebabs and biriyani. When I told him to eat them before I finish them off, he told that he was okay and asked me to eat them. I thought it was a tiring day, another friend felt very sick and could not eat at all, therefore he might be feeling a bit sick as well. I started to eat his share of the beef chapli kebabs.

Now the interesting thing happened. He stopped a waiter and asked if they were a muslim restaurant. The waiter replied yes. Then my friend said astonished “You are serving beef!!” . The waiter said “Are you a muslim?” , my friend replied “yes”. Then the waiter replied, “You also are a muslim what problem you have with beef? You eat beef.”, and then he went away. My friend was pretty confused at that time. I somehow understood what the confusion was, I told my friend that “you don’t eat beef?”. Now he asked a question which was: “What does beef mean?”  (Translated from: “भाईसाब, ये beef क्या होता है?”). I answered the meat we get from cows or bulls. He told me he mistakenly mixed the word beef with pork and hence he would not eat.

We had a good laugh, but till then the beef chapli kebabs were gone.