Accident avoided

by phoxis

We two were watching a horror movie and joking about the situations (as usual). It was around 11 pm, when we started to smell someone is toasting bread with butter. It was not very unlikely at that time, therefore we were joking about some kind of spirit toasting bread somewhere. Within two minutes we felt that it was a pretty strong smell, when I got up to investigate the smell became stronger and started to transform into a burning metal like smell. Therefore now the issue was real.

First we checked if anything is burning in the heating unit and checked if the water pump was okay, checked the washing machine, microwave oven, fridge and whatever was there. The smell was intense in the middle of the room therefore there was no clue. Then we thought there might be a fire upstairs. Though the clue was in the smell itself. Bread and butter.

Suddenly we noticed that the toaster’s switch was in the down position and jammed under a dish holder grill rod. This stopped the thermostat to spring the switch back to off position. The toaster was extremely hot at the time it was turned off. Who knows when it was triggered on, maybe when the dishes were being washed.

If we were not awake at that time, then this could have resulted in a fire. Accident avoided.