Pen and paper

by phoxis

I went to the shop to buy a pen. What I wanted was a 0.5 mm tip blue ballpoint pen. This is the type of pen which I always use to write. After going through each type of pen in the shop, I found 0.1 mm, 0.2 mm, 0.3 mm, 0.7 mm and even 1.0 mm tip ballpoint pens in various ink colours, but not 0.5 mm ones.

In another shelf there were some 0.5 mm pens, but they were gel pens, which I do not like, it is difficult for me to write with a gel pen. Also the gel pen ink tends to finish significantly faster and also it feels a bit different when you write when compared to the normal ballpoint pens.

Though any pen would have worked for me, but I was trying to get a pen for a lot of writing.

For a lot of writing you need a pen with which you are comfortable with. I already had a 0.5 mm pen, but it has almost run out of ink, and the other one is 0.7 mm with plenty of ink, so things are still okay. Therefore I decided to atleast get myself a copy to write on.

My only requirement for copies are, they should be white, and there should not be any horizontal rules drawn. There were nice copies with good quality papers. But unfortunately, each kind of the copies had horizontal rules on them.

This was supposed to be a simple task, go and buy two basic things, but resulted in a very very disappointing experience. I possibly have to visit other shops or check the online stores for what I need.

Anyways, at the end, any paper and pen would work for me, but the white sheets and the kind of ballpoint pen with which I am used to feels good to work with.