Sugar in fries

by phoxis

I was dining at a place today. I ordered a kind of chicken fillet burger and fries. I was very hungry at that time and was eating and talking. After some time I felt that I needed a bit more salt in the fries. On my right hand there was a large container with a hole on the top with salt in it. Though the container was a bit (a lot) larger than normal (with one big hole on the top), I took the container and got a good amount of salt in my fries. After shaking the container a few times a guy told  me “you might want to make sure it is salt in it and is not sugar”. 

That is the moment I noticed the salt dispenser in front of me, which was much smaller and had multiple holes on the top (like a normal salt dispenser). And there I was, sugar in my fries. I tried to shake down the sugar to the bottom and then added some salt, actual salt this time.

This reminds me of the day when I added face wash on my hair and the day I used a hair conditioner accidentally as a shampoo. Those were more intense though.