by phoxis

I have seen snow previously, in the refrigerator. Last Friday I struggled to wake up in the morning as I did not get adequate sleep last night. As usual, I got ready and went out. It’s a short walk of around one kilometer to the place where I work now. Although I went out, I wasn’t fully awake. It was raining and wet, damp bad cold, as usual. Then I noticed a thin layer of white stuff on the grass. Generally water freezes on the grass a forms a thin white-ish layer, but this time it was a bit more white. Then the fact was confirmed when the rain drops started to feel a bit heavy and dense and they stick to the jacket and the bag. Although it was not fully snow, but a slush kind of, slow mixed with water, but made a white layer where it fell. Though it was interesting, but it was too cold that I needed to hurry and get inside my place. I couldn’t even open my eyes properly that day because of the sleep timing. But, the morning coffee did the trick.

It was five years ago when it snowed in the serious sense in the city and it was shut down for a few days. I would like to see more snow, but not like this, when I struggle to wake up and trying to get daily stuffs done.