by phoxis

There are some things which we need to do but keep on delaying because either they are nasty or hard to do. We will keep on lying to ourselves and push it away and they keeps on being pushed away, until a critical time comes when it absolutely has to be done. Or, later we would tell “Oh! I could have done that if I tried”, but we did not try.

Three years ago, I needed to submit a form in my last university, and the deadline was in three days. There were only two counters open, and the queue was massive. The sun was shining over the head and it was terribly hot,above 30 deg C. It was a misery to stand on the packed queue, with people pushing each other. There was me and a friend of mine, who went to submit the form “early” before the deadline arrives. The initial and obvious reaction was to go back immediately to our rooms and avoid this queue. Anyway, we have two more days, and tomorrow we can wake up early and queue earlier to get the work done quickly, and in case we fail tomorrow, there is yet another day.

This is definitely a good plan, with a proper strategy to queue early and also a fallback plan, but, everyone knows that this same thing is going to happen tomorrow. This is because the enthusiasm to “wake up early” will soon die down and today will be repeated tomorrow. But, if we took the pain, and queued now, and get the thing done, it is done, right now. So, what is the problem in this? The problem is to “take the pain”. When staying at hostels, people are so chilled out, that getting out of the room takes a lot of energy, and taking a shower is agonizing. Therefore queuing at this condition is painful.

I told my friend to just not to think much and stand in the queue. There was one possibility that the counters close before we arrive at the counter, but even then there is a chance that we can make it. So we decided that lets take the pain and give it a try, if it happens then there is nothing better than it, if not, then try tomorrow again, no regrets. We stood in the queue. Standing in a long queue is not so easy, because you are always the last person there and everyone is in front of you. But the motivation was, there will be a time soon, when we will be able to turn back and see more people behind us than in front of us.

time passed by, more people started to cram the place and the sun made it very hot and sweaty. After quite a long time we arrived at the stairs near the counter and there was around 15 people in front of us. After some more time we were inside the building and still around 10 people in front of us, when they announced that the people who are inside the building area will be catered today, rest has to come back tomorrow.

This is the time when we looked back and saw the amount of people who were standing behind us. It was satisfying as well as disappointing. Satisfying because, the form submission is done, and there are no more headache to be taken. Disappointing because, we exactly know how the others feel when they have to go back.

This is a “real-life” toy snap shot of push the things which have to be done. There are things which I have avoided before while studying because they were difficult to me, and without knowing in-depth things worked fine in college. I convinced myself that I will not be needing these things in future and avoided to really study them up. I do not know, but some gut feeling told me the way I studied those topics were very wrong, and should not be done that way. Although I continued like that, as it worked for the examinations. Since last two years, I feel the lac of vision on these topics, thanks to my decision to change my subject domain.

There are other things “real-life” things which were pushed for the future and never got done and now they are impossible to do. I did not stand in the “queue” and get those done. Therefore I now need to stand in the queue for the things which can be done now.

It is not that something was not done in time, it would definitely be bad in the future, but in later it may become more convenient. Therefore, prioritize, and queue and get things done.