Writer’s block

by phoxis

All the blogs have stagnated, any other type of writing has also stopped, except occasional writing for academia (that has to be done without any choice). Academic writing is very different than writing non-academic stuffs like this. Also, as English is not by first language, therefore there is a severe limitation while expressing the thoughts. Even if they are expressed the vocabulary and the sentence constructions would be at least uninteresting, if not funny.

“Today, cups of coffee were ordered and consumed by us. After which everyone returned to their corresponding desks and resumed work. Later a friend [reference1] stopped by my desk [reference2], which lead us to a five minute long conversation, in which she reported that the coffee was significantly (with 95% confidence) better in the present day than the previous day.”

The above paragraph does not read well. In fact, it reads like shit. Though this is my best production.

Recently, I took a vocabulary check in Facebook. Which showed some words, and asked synonyms and antonyms. I started well, and was going strong. Later they started to give words which one would only use when studying for GRE or TOEFL or equivalent tests. I ended up with a result which told, I have a vocabulary of a 10 years old child in the United States of America.

Though I can still post photos, which I am doing (in a very low pace), but I do not shift my daily schedule much. It’s mostly between the place where I stay and the place where I work. In a few occasions I do go in different places, but when I return back I realize “Damn! I didn’t take a single picture”. Sometimes when I do remember to take a few pictures, when posting I realize “Damn! This is a crappy picture”. The photographer’s block maybe? Though a photo-clicker is a more appropriate term.

What about the other blog, there are mostly technical stuff? In short, it takes way too much time to produce one post. There are several posts which took far more effort and time, than what I have invested in an academic conference (unsatisfying, disappointing) research paper. This is because, the only motive is to produce something unique and of quality. Laziness. Laziness engulfs me. A few crisp drafts along with me, are sitting down on the bed of Laziness.

What about academic writing? You cry internally while you write. This is because you know that the work was incomplete/inaccurate/disappointing/unsatisfactory/valueless/lol-ish , but; you still have to write it down. Though I support writing down intermediate and shitty things modestly and in a straight forward manner. Though I like writing in third person, it’s fun! “The experiment was done using ….” , Yes, the experiment was done, but no one knows who did it 😀 . When you get a feedback , “hey! your results doesn’t make any sense” , we can go “We don’t know anything, the experiment was just done, we don’t know who did it.”

That is it a total of 500 words.