Blown in the wind

by phoxis

I was going home at a very cold and windy night. Technically it was morning though. The temperature plummeted below zero, the strong wind and the very light drizzle made it unimaginably cold for me. Therefore before leaving my desk, I put enough layers on me. It’s a three and a half kilometer walk.

That day I also wore a pair of gloves. While on the way I took a few pictures of a nearby landmark, which I do almost every night. Though the gloves came with metal mesh on the finger tips of the index finger and the thumb, but as everyone knows, operating anything with the gloves on is clumsy. Therefore I took off the glove from my right hand and kept in the left pocket of the jacket, as the right one already had a music player in it.

After taking a couple of picture, and started walking while flicking through the album and put the phone in my pocket, and then continued to walk. Instead of putting on the glove, I proceeded to walk. After quite some time, when my hand start to become cold, I reached for the glove on the right pocket, but it seemed to be not there!

I stopped and checked it again, this time visually. Then I checked on other pockets. I have lost one glove. It was so annoying at that point, because I had to decide either to try to search for it, or just reach home and sleep. It’s not something very costly, but has been a loyal companion for quite a long time, therefore I must search for it.

I actually walked more than half the way. I decided to walk back trying to search the glove. The foot paths are mostly covered with leaves at this season, and the strong wind that day was blowing them all around the streets. I traced back all the way where I took the picture. No luck. While coming back I carefully inspected every corner of foot path and sometimes even on the streets. After around 30 minutes of additional walking, I was back to the point again where I found out that I lost a glove. It was absolutely disappointing. This means that now with a balaclava or something similar, a cap, a waterproof shoe new addition is a glove in the essential shopping list. Also, while searching for my glove I found, a bottle, a plastic fork, one sock, one glove (not mine), one underwear. Although there was no trace of my glove.

Therefore I was forced to go back to my home. It was too annoying, but also it was too cold, which canceled each other out.

I am yet to buy my winter essentials, which I plan  to buy soon. Possibly I am going to buy a better glove this time.