Bank scam call

by phoxis

Here is yet another scam, I experienced a couple of months ago.

I arrived at Bangalore a couple of months ago and unblocked my phone number which I blocked before leaving. I was trying to take some good amount of rest, as I was really tired, as this time cabin baggage weighed more than the check in luggage, half a kilo more, (I was expecting a fine, but it was okay for them), and it was a long flight. I was sleeping like dead. The mobile phone rang. I just unblocked the phone and it is strange to get calls, maybe some friend who knew I have arrived, just trying out the number? The screen showed an unknown strange number, which is not those recognisable support center, sales or call center phone number patterns. I received the call.

“Hello sir, we are calling in regard to your bank debit card.”, the woman said something like that. I replied “hm.”, as that was the most I could speak at that moment. “Sir, your bank account will be soon blocked as there is no sufficient funds in your account … do you want to keep debit card or cancel it?”.  It took a few seconds to fully open my eyes, and actually wake up to function. I sat on the bed, put on my spectacles and asked her, “I didn’t get you, can you repeat that for me please?” . She repeated the previous statement with in a more elaborate fashion. I told,”I don’t want it to be blocked.”. Next, she asked something like this, “Sir you need to give the card number to us to do the processing and update your card to stop it being disabled.”.

Red flag, right there. No mention of bank, asking for such information. I told “okay”. If there was some other person instead of me, (s)he would have disconnected the line at that instant, I pushed it further and wanted to see when she disconnected the line. I don’t have anything to do, why not check out what scammers do? So, I told them “I have many cards, which one?” . Now, this is a tricky question for her.. She just told, the card you have with “our  bank”, and asked me to read out the account number and the CVV (security code, in the back). I asked, I cannot understand which bank. Her reply actually impressed me.

State Bank of India or SBI is one of the largest government bank in India, where almost everyone has an account. She asked, “we are calling from SBI, your SBI account., you have to tell your SBI card number, CVV and the PIN number for processing”. It was a nice call to guess an SBI account, as it would be the best guess without any prior information, but this time she asked for the PIN. I told her to wait.

I told, “I think there is a problem … , I cannot find the SBI card in my wallet!!” . She asked, “did you lose the card?”. I replied, “No, I don’t have an SBI account”. The reply was “*click*” , line disconnected.


I have always heard about these scams happening,this is the first time I got a call. Though this was a very obvious thing, that it is a scam, though there are many people who actually read out the details by trusting and believing that they really have called from the bank.

Next time I will post another bank related stuff, which happened to a friend last month, and was more problematic.