Blogs end year wrap up

by phoxis

It is very surprising to know that I started this blog on 5th December 2012. At that time I was at the end of my masters degree and though to go through and commit what I have been thinking for a long time. To have another blog for casual stuff.

Unfortunately the technical blog has almost stopped, as it is really difficult to get enough time to write a solid piece of post. Although it is not fully true. I am still not giving up on that, as it is my main blog.

The other blog gets a pretty good and stable amount of views, though it has declined a little bit, which I found out after doing some analysis on the blog traffic. This is not surprising though, as I have failed to do what it takes to maintain a blog. Fortunately the content does not age, the contents has no relation to time, therefore I am still able to get a constant amount of traffic. There are two peaks every year, and both the time are at end semester. For example, this semester a huge amount of people landed on my blog by google searching about the Simpson’s 1/3 <sup>rd</sup> rule.

How to get the technical blog an uplift? How to get more visits? It is not that difficult actually. I kind of know what things students try to find in the internet. If I solve stuffs and post it in my  blog, or post tech quickies I will start to get a pretty good amount of views and clicks, provided I share the new posts in “social” media.

These tricks will dilute the intent of the blog. Although it is not bad to post a few solutions and quickies, but I find it is essential for it to add some value. It can be a new content which is rare or cannot be found in the Internet, which is my target and such kind of posts takes ages to research and write. It can be a re-presentation of an existing thing in a way that it is very easy to understand  and gives a new dimension. It can be my attempts of trying out new perspectives, or just something which I have tried and found interesting. The essential thing is just not to post for the sake of posting and for the blog visits.

I do not advertise this blog, and the blog visits for this one is horrible. The blog visits are as good as keeping this offline. I do not find this necessarily bad, as I just want to write and it feels good.

Therefore to wrap up, I find the technical blog needs serious attention and needs a casual category where quick but interesting things can be posted. I really need to think about this. For this blog, I think it is okay and nothing else needs to be done.