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We need more involvement and attention to detail

However small or large, difficult or easy, bad or good, boring or thrilling something may seem at first, the thing required to understand it and get the actual picture of it from your perspective, is to get involved with it. Whenever you involve yourself with the thing, you discover new aspects of it by noticing minute details and by interpreting them from different perspectives and point of views. The more you get involved you start to discover more detail and get new creative ideas which tempt you to modify and change or create new things and ideas from which you gain more thrill, fun and joy. In this process whatever new you create should feel like an integrated part of yourself. Read the rest of this entry »

A representation of the physical world inside our minds

When we communicate with the external world, what we actually do is communicate inside our mind. For every living and non-living entity in our surrounding we have a corresponding image, of which we may or may not be aware of. This image is formed inside our mind mainly by inspecting the external behaviour of the other entity and complex interactions within different images inside our mind. These images are not static or fixed. They change every moment by reacting and interacting with other images through the complex relationships and communications within themselves in our mind, even when we are not interacting with the corresponding entity in the physical world. Sometimes we can have an image inside our mind which has no corresponding entity in the physical world. Read the rest of this entry »