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Pen and paper

I went to the shop to buy a pen. What I wanted was a 0.5 mm tip blue ballpoint pen. This is the type of pen which I always use to write. After going through each type of pen in the shop, I found 0.1 mm, 0.2 mm, 0.3 mm, 0.7 mm and even 1.0 mm tip ballpoint pens in various ink colours, but not 0.5 mm ones.

In another shelf there were some 0.5 mm pens, but they were gel pens, which I do not like, it is difficult for me to write with a gel pen. Also the gel pen ink tends to finish significantly faster and also it feels a bit different when you write when compared to the normal ballpoint pens.

Though any pen would have worked for me, but I was trying to get a pen for a lot of writing.
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I almost attempted to pee in the cabin crew cupboard

I cannot sleep in aircraft, the economy class is very uncomfortable for long flights. I was on a connecting flight from Kolkata to iStanbul. After finishing off my playlist and viewing some movie, I tried to get some sleep. I slept for some time, but the liquid pressure awoke me. I stood up and could not balance myself for a moment as I was still very sleepy but got back control and approached the lavatory. I tried to open the door of the lavatory which was not opening. I tried a lot to open the door but failed. Next I observed someone came outside the door on the opposite right side of the door which I was trying to open. Damn! That was the moment when I really had a look at the entire door and discovered it was the cabin crew cupboard, and I was trying to open it and hydrate the stuffs in there. Then I approached the opposite door and released some liquid pressure.

A representation of the physical world inside our minds

When we communicate with the external world, what we actually do is communicate inside our mind. For every living and non-living entity in our surrounding we have a corresponding image, of which we may or may not be aware of. This image is formed inside our mind mainly by inspecting the external behaviour of the other entity and complex interactions within different images inside our mind. These images are not static or fixed. They change every moment by reacting and interacting with other images through the complex relationships and communications within themselves in our mind, even when we are not interacting with the corresponding entity in the physical world. Sometimes we can have an image inside our mind which has no corresponding entity in the physical world. Read the rest of this entry »

Blogging progress: It’s Difficult

I always wanted to have my own website where I will write some technical stuffs. I also wanted to start one to overcome my difficulties expressing thoughts by writing. When I first started the blog back in November 4 2008, my main objective was to try to post some well written topic related to computer science and other technical stuffs. It took a huge amount of brainstorming and sleepless nights before I could design an acceptable set of categories, subcategories and tag. I didn’t fix any frequency at that time. As time went through I felt that the blog was not very active and very few posts are being posted per month, and even sometimes no posts in several months too. Therefore I tried to make a frequency of posting. This idea failed. The main problem was to click the “Publish” button. I uncontrollably tend to over-perfect and over-simplify each article I write and sometimes after working on a writeup for weeks or even months, I decide not to post it because I think it was either not good enough, or it became over-complicated as a result of my attempt of oversimplification and over-perfection. Many drafts are lying in my disk at the final stage. Some because I could not defend some of the information I have in it with some authentic source, some because they have incomplete information, some because I could not demonstrate with some example, some of them because they need to cut short. There are some articles which at this moment I would require to read and understand first inorder to be able to further edit it because the topic was too specific and at this time I do not remember those details. Read the rest of this entry »

When I can’t sleep

I do not fall in the group of those people who fall asleep almost as soon as they get into their bed. I require some time to fall asleep, most of the time. There are some night when I require a lot of time, hours, to fall asleep. I try to sleep by using different tricks and techniques both well known and self-developed. Here are some of them. Read the rest of this entry »


I wanted to write a blog for long, a casual one, where I can type in everyday stuffs, casual stuffs, and some times, well written stuffs. Whenever I think of starting such a blog, a series of questions starts to come in my mind. What will be the name, how the posts will be organized, and most importantly what and how should I write. I have problems in expressing my thoughts in writing or when speaking to someone. While writing sometimes I go describing unnecessary details of some specific topic, which is absolutely not required at that moment, and try to make it perfect. If I try to stop at some point, I can’t. Every moment I have a strange feeling that, maybe I have missed something, maybe I was not able to convey my ideas to the other end, and again start iterating on the stuff. This process ends in endless hours of painful brainstorming trying to organize the things I want to say or write, and sometimes they things get structured, and a lot of time the writings lie in a draft state in my disk. Read the rest of this entry »