An overview of my Diary

From childhood I had a fascination to maintain a diary. I tried to maintain a diary, as far as I remember, when I was in some class 3 or 4, at the age 8 – 9 . I tried writing diary both in English and in Bengali (my mother tongue), but failed to continue, as I did not have anything to write or may be because it was forced and didn’t came from inside. It was not before class 8 at age 13, I started maintaining a diary in a proper way. The first year of diary writing does not have much entries, but as time went on it was going scheduled. At present I have 5 diaries spanning 10 years of history starting at 9th May 2003, the first entry, and till today it has 625 entries, spanning 5 diaries, ending at 1th April 2013 counting a total of 3616 days of use till today. Read the rest of this entry »