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Muscle memory and Coffee

My daily routine is to wake up, get ready and get to the regular shop to buy an Americano and a muffin. The machine from which I get the coffee from, has the 12oz Americano button on the top left side, which I press everyday. Today, I went to some other store for a coffee as it was on the way. It had a different kind of machines I kept the cup under the dispenser nozzles and pressed the top left button. The machine did not respond, therefore I pressed again and it worked. The moment it started to make the buzzing noise of grinding coffee beans, I noticed that it had a different kind of machine with a different button configuration. It had the leftmost button programmed to have 12oz Cappuccino. Although when the first time it did not work, I read the text on the button and it was Americano.

While the cup was filling up I understood that everything, muscle memory, and eye memory (there is no such term) has taken full control on me at morning. This was the saddest coffee I had in quite a while. I was really looking forward to have a nice and calm Americano, and now I am walking out with a cup of Capucchino, which was not expected. The milk tastes different (horrible). I was only able to finish half of the cup, and then later in the day ended up making some coffee at home.

There are plenty of muscle memory related stories I and my friends have. One of them are after I finish writing something on a paper with a pen and after I keep the pen down, sometimes my hand does an action on air, as if there was a keyboard, and I was saving the document with a specific key combination (:wq + Enter to be specific).

Did you do anything funny because of muscle memory?

Drinking Coffee



A cup of after lunch coffee. Camera: Sony Xperia ZR.

The empty ThumsUp and Coke cans