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Life line: Centra

During the winter break, the shops in the campus closes. For this winter the campus Centra closed as they are expanding the store, and they will remain closed till 10th this month. Most of the buildings was locked during this time, although we had access cards and could enter. But, those few days the heating would be turned off and there would be no cleaning of the bathrooms, the university became uninhabitable.

I would have preferred to come in if the Centra was open. The Centra is the life line of the people here (who stays all day and night), it is open till 10pm, therefore you can stock essential food whatever you need for the late night. Although there is a Pizza Hut across the road, but it is expensive, and more importantly, it is horrible. Although it also have saved lives quite a few times.

The other nearest super markets are two Spars, which are kind of far, and will take an 30 ~ 40 mins at least to do the trip, where the Centra runs take around 20 mins depending on the queue.

Now things have opened, but unless the term starts, the shops close early, as early as 3pm. Which is understandable, but ridiculous. Therefore either spend money and order online, or stock stuffs in the kitchen.

Yesterday I was very hungry at night and pulled out a can of baked beans only to find that the can needed a can opener and did not have built-in mechanism to open. As none of the shops in the campus was open, I had to order a shitty pizza, which felt very good as it was the first meal of the day after not-eating all day.

Things are sorted out now. I have soups, breads in the fridge now and some emergency instant noodles. Tomorrow I will stock bread, different kinds of cheese, butter, salami, chorizo, mustard and a few other stuffs to make big sandwiches.

But, if Centra is open, then I could get bread and stuffs for a big cold sandwich, or just those pre-made wraps and sandwiches or get a warm chicken fillet roll or a wrap or a hot lasagna or other stuffs. There are options if the campus Centra is open.

The tag line “For the way we live today” makes perfect sense. I would be possibly the happiest when the campus Centra reopens.


Got a free coffee from the cafe. This is the first time I have been able to get something free using a loyalty card. The card had 10 boxes, each time one buys a coffee, one box gets stamped, the 10th one is free. It was pure joy when I didn’t have to pass the money along with the card, but, I was walking out with a cup of coffee. (The picture of the below card is the new one).


Previously I got a a similar card from Nando’s. The loyalty card looks like something like the below image. Note that the number 3 box is not stamped, but number 4 box is stamped. This is because I was greedy, and planned to get the 1/4 chicken as well as the 1/2 and the whole chicken in consecutive visits, by getting the 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 box stamped first, next redeeming the 3, 6, and 10 boxes.
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Sugar in fries

I was dining at a place today. I ordered a kind of chicken fillet burger and fries. I was very hungry at that time and was eating and talking. After some time I felt that I needed a bit more salt in the fries. On my right hand there was a large container with a hole on the top with salt in it. Though the container was a bit (a lot) larger than normal (with one big hole on the top), I took the container and got a good amount of salt in my fries. After shaking the container a few times a guy told  me “you might want to make sure it is salt in it and is not sugar”.  Read the rest of this entry »

The Beef is Pork confusion

We were in the legendary Tundey Kebabi in Lucknow, Uttarpradesh. We were around 10 people for a one day outing from Banaras Hindu University to Lucknow. We ordered mutton biriyani, mutton chap, chapli kebabs, parathas. None of us eats beef except me and another two friends in the group, one of whom was a friend of us from Herat,Afghanistan, studying with us.

It was a tiring day, as we started at night from Banaras and travelled overnight in train and reached Lucknow. Then we directly went for hot samosa and jalebi, and roamed around under the sun, had some kulcha chola. Visited a few places (not discussing about them here).

After the meal was served, people started eating immediately. The food starting vanishing quickly. Everyone was eating, except our friend from Afghanistan avoided the beef chapli kebabs. I kept his share on the plate. He just continued eating the other kebabs and biriyani. When I told him to eat them before I finish them off, he told that he was okay and asked me to eat them. I thought it was a tiring day, another friend felt very sick and could not eat at all, therefore he might be feeling a bit sick as well. I started to eat his share of the beef chapli kebabs.

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Some Coffee-less Coffee in Cafe Coffee Day

I posted an experience in Cafe Coffee previously in my other blog two years ago (which I have recently reblogged here). For some strong coffee there is not much option except either go to Cafe Coffee Day or to Barista, else you need to know if some place serves good coffee, which is extremely difficult to find here. Not only the coffee but also I need to keep an eye on the out-flow of the money. Therefore after moving into a new city for my graduate degree I was searching for a place which serves good coffee. and found none. After some googling I found out that there was a Cafe Coffee Day within 5 to 6 kilometers from the campus. Fall back point. Read the rest of this entry »