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Helium balloons

Someone retired today, so there was a farewell gathering. After everything happened the helium balloons were still there at the break out area.

There were quite a few balloons tied to a weight. I was thinking if I could attach something light enough, so that the balloons float, and do not move up or down, it would be fun.

Someone else had this idea too. As he was doing exactly the same thing. I joined him. After quite some time, we were able to get a decent weight with a spoon and a few pieces of paper, that it floated, well, kind of. There were a lot of air flow through the vents, but the balance looked cool and it was real fun. We reattached the heavier weight and left it as it was before.

Sometime later, we thought why not inhale the Helium and have fun? The fun is, if you inhale Helium, and then speak, your voice will change and will have a higher pitch. It will sound like Donald duck.

Another guy was passing by, he joined us. So we took one balloon and started taking rounds inhaling the Helium and speaking. It sounded hilarious. Although the voice will change only while the Helium is inside the lung.

It was real fun to try these stuffs. Also, all these just from a Helium balloon.

The minibar smiles, so does the electric fly catcher


Mini Bar

Mini Bar

Electrical Fly Catcher

Electrical Fly Catcher









Although minibars are nice if you don’t want to go out or call the kitchen just for a can of Coke or some nuts or such kind of snacks, or some other drinks, there is not much difference between the minibar in the hotel rooms and an Electrical fly killer. Both attract inexperienced creatures, of the respective types, and later electrify it. Although this might not be the interpretation for most of the people out there but I like to think minibars in this way! The minibar is placed in a position in such a way, it looks like it is smiling at you and telling that “it’s okay man, take one, it’s casual, just have some stuff”. The face behind the smile is uncovered at the time you discover the discrepancy on the bill and your calculation of the bill at the time of check out. There are sudden checks for the minibar. A Nazi SS officer knocks the door, you let him/her in, he/she goes to the minibar, 5 secs, goes out. I feel like “OmG! If he/she detects something missing even it is not!!”. A hectic job for the guy/gal inspecting the fridge at such short time. If you take something out, later when you enter the room after an outing, and ta-raaa!! The items are replaced! Once in  Novotel, Cairo 6th of October City, at the time of checkout a person travelling with us was told that he took a bottle of water from the minibar, although he hasn’t. Even after telling that he haven’t taken the bottle out, the guy in the reception told that he did take out a bottle because they saw an empty bottle of the same brand in the room. Then there was a somewhat heated conversation between the person in reception and the person travelling with us. He didn’t pay for the bottle which he actually didn’t take. I have also seen a minibar saying “Hey, you can keep your clothes in here!” it had no power and nothing inside, but the box was still there.

The concept is really nice, I hope to get one of this under my work desk were I can store all sorts of goodies and fetch them whenever I like to have some.

I almost attempted to pee in the cabin crew cupboard

I cannot sleep in aircraft, the economy class is very uncomfortable for long flights. I was on a connecting flight from Kolkata to iStanbul. After finishing off my playlist and viewing some movie, I tried to get some sleep. I slept for some time, but the liquid pressure awoke me. I stood up and could not balance myself for a moment as I was still very sleepy but got back control and approached the lavatory. I tried to open the door of the lavatory which was not opening. I tried a lot to open the door but failed. Next I observed someone came outside the door on the opposite right side of the door which I was trying to open. Damn! That was the moment when I really had a look at the entire door and discovered it was the cabin crew cupboard, and I was trying to open it and hydrate the stuffs in there. Then I approached the opposite door and released some liquid pressure.

The aircraft lavatory misery

After the lunch, as normal there is a long queue for the lavatory and seats are reclined in the preparation to get a good sleep during the remaining time of flight. I generally empty myself before the flight or well before the food is served, to increase the chances of me not being in the queue. I enjoy inspecting the long queues for the lavatory in the aircraft. People from the same compartment try to get to the ones adjacent to the compartment and the nearest. There are some inter compartment travellers who try their luck travelling all the way from another compartment, most of the time, only to get disappointed. Many in the queue are impatient and keeps looking on the green/red lights which indicate the occupancy of the lavatory. Some seem really helpless, I feel sorry for them. Read the rest of this entry »

The day I used a hair conditioner to shampoo

I mentioned in the last post that once I accidentally applied hair conditioner instead of shampoo. Here is the story. I went to take a bath with a sachet of Sunsilk. The sachet was a free sample given out by our electricity service provider, which was inside the electricity bill envelope (they often give out such goodies!). I do not read what kind of shampoo it is, damage repair, anti dandruff, anti-hairfall, if it comes with protein, vitamins minerals, fruits, rocket science or whatever, I just ask for something which will wash out all the dirt from my hair, and which won’t result in a void space on my head.

After tearing the sachet I squeezed some of it out on my hand, rubbed the hands together, and applied in my wet hair. When I bath generally I think of different things and focus on them. After some time I realized that there is no foam being formed, so I started to rub my hand through the hair tougher, which didn’t help. Then I took out some more out of the sachet and re-tried to create a good foam, which didn’t improve anything. Next I thought that may be this is some special kind of shampoo which does not form foam, also it was thicker than shampoo. Also recently there was a detergent powder advertisement in the television which said that it didn’t create much foam but cleans clothes better than others. So, maybe some special kind of shampoo is out in the market of which I am not aware of. Then I just washed out the stuff. The hair was feeling exxxtra smooth. When I used the towel to dry the hair it slipped like my hair was ideal physics experiment substance with zero coefficient of friction. I again tried to wash, and it felt like the substance inside the sachet formed a layer around each hair, which was impossible to get rid off. After several tries I thought, may be I should read the instructions on the backside of the sachet. I fetched the sachet and it was written that I should apply it well on the hair and then rinse it with water. BUT it also said “after shampoo”. I was like “WTF!” after shampoo again shampoo ? I flipped the sachet and there it was. The “Sunsilk” brand name was shouting loud, and the “conditioner” was laughing at me. Damn! I can’t remove it from my hair. It took around 3 days to completely go away from my hair. From then I always read what is written on the packet.

Even being so careful, I applied facewash on my hair, and that too on the April Fool’s day! Read the rest of this entry »

Accidentally April Fooled Myself

Yesterday I April fooled myself. Squeezed some face-wash out of the tube on my hand to apply on the face. After I squeezed some of it on the hand, I got distracted and carried away by some thought, when I came back to sense, I thought it was shampoo and applied it on my hair, after some time when it felt different, I thought I applied conditioner (which I once mistakenly did before instead of applying shampoo), the next immediate moment everything was clear.

Washed off the stuff, the hair became like dry hay. Had to apply some oil to get things under control.

Opening door with a ninja kick

It was two years back when I used the ninja kick to open the door of the bathroom to enter. It is no normal ninja kick, it is well calculated, well timed, well placed and well choreographed delicate but full powered kick. The special property is the toes should impact the door and swing it open, and in case the door is locked then neither the foot nor the door breaks. The right legs comes up to the starting position with the knee near my chest after that the power blow, the right leg straightens impacting the door. I measured the quality of the kick depending on the fun and feel of the kick. Mostly a kick with more power but which delicately opened the door felt the best. I mastered this door-opening art-form and after months this was in my reflexes, and it didn’t took much focus to make a great kick to open the door. Read the rest of this entry »

Christmas, for me

I have some memories when I was a child,  my brother decorated the Christmas tree and I helped him decorating the tree, walls and the room. My brother’s friends came and had a very good time, with music, cakes, food, and the most thrilling Christmas crackers. No photo (may be some are there) or video record remains but some nice clips are embedded inside my mind. After that when they grew up, this celebration started to fade as he and his friends became busy in their work. The tradition was taken up by me. The most thrilling part was to buy the decorations. I went to the shops with my mother, and sometimes my grandmother and bought different kinds of decorations, cut paper and make different kinds of design and worked really hard on the Christmas day. I never wanted to buy a new Christmas tree, although it was old faded and didn’t looked that good. That old Christmas tree was like an old friend, I liked to decorate it. I don’t remember who, but some one bought a new smaller Christmas tree. It didn’t replace the old one, instead it sat beside it. Read the rest of this entry »

It’s not just a cup of tea

I do not like the tea which we get in the canteen, neither my friends like it. It is more like some bad health drink than tea, and sometimes  it’s so bad that it is almost impossible even to gulp it in one shot (when relatively cold ofcourse). To get some good tea (upto some level) we need to go out the hostel to makeshift-permanent tea shop. The problem with this is two folds. One, they serve tea with milk and sugar, and only one variety is available, and personally I do not like to always have tea with milk. Two, who will go outside from comfort zone just to grab a cup of tea? It’s too much overhead for a cup of tea. Yet another issue, what to do if I/we want to have some tea at midnight? Read the rest of this entry »