The Port Mafias

The main internet cable connection comes from outside, most probably directly from the central university servers and into the hostel office. The rooms doesn’t have wall LAN cable outlets. Therefore long wires has to be pulled from the office, through both the floors of the three sections of the hostel, and then into the other hubs, from where students run wires to their rooms. Around 466 people stay in this hostel, and the hub distribution is not that good in this hostel, therefore students have to run long wires to reach the nearest hub. Finding the nearest hub is not a problem, but finding a hub with free ports is. Congestion, more students than ports. Easiest solution, buy a hub, but no one is interested to spend money on a hub. Who moved into the hostel early in the semester, got all the ports empty and got one. Who came late has to suffer. This gives rise to the port Mafias. (Suspense music playing in the background.) Read the rest of this entry »