Forgetting Names

I am very bad remembering names and relating them with faces. I had a book  from Reader’s Digest with different kinds of mind puzzles along with their descriptions. I used to read it, and  liked to tryout different puzzles and check how I was doing.. There was a puzzle which required to remember names and faces of people. In one page, faces of about 10 to 12 persons and their names are given. As per the book, one should inspect it for 30 seconds and then turn over to the next page, where the same faces are arranged in a different order, but their name fields are blank, and which has to be filled. I always failed to identify the faces. I managed to get a few correct matches. Although I am good at relating an entire sentence with a small scribbling like image and some other kinds of stuffs, but the face and name relation proves to be very difficult for me. Read the rest of this entry »