April Fool’s Day prank: April Fool’s day is a national holiday.

Three of us were standing outside our department building in 2008, April 1st. I was in my undergraduate first year.We had a class in 15 mins, and for which we were waiting. We thought to pull out an April fool prank.

Other students started to come to attend the class. “Hey! when will the class start?” one of them asked, We replied: “There is no class today”, Others: “Why!?”, We told ’em: “It’s a holiday because today’s the April fool’s day.”. They started laughing “Do we look like fools? A holiday for April fool’s day?!”. This was the tough part now. We maintained serious faces and told “If you don’t believe check out the notice board if it is there or not. It’s a national holiday in the UK and was celebrated in India before freedom, and now recently the government of India has announced it as a national holiday. Don’t you people read news papers?” . This story and the serious faces made the impact, they are not laughing anymore, and were talking withing themselves: “April fool’s day? A holiday? Hmm.. may be. Did we get a holiday in the school? Whatever it’s good for us, another holiday.” and blah. blah. blah. blah. . Some of them said :”Are you sure?” , We again said “Man! Check out the notice board and check if it is there, the notice board is right there!”. Someone said : “Then why you people are standing here?”. Easy answer : “We are waiting for someone and already planned to meet here.”.  None of them bothered to check the notice board, and scattered away. Read the rest of this entry »