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Christmas, for me

I have some memories when I was a child,¬† my brother decorated the Christmas tree and I helped him decorating the tree, walls and the room. My brother’s friends came and had a very good time, with music, cakes, food, and the most thrilling Christmas crackers. No photo (may be some are there) or video record remains but some nice clips are embedded inside my mind. After that when they grew up, this celebration started to fade as he and his friends became busy in their work. The tradition was taken up by me. The most thrilling part was to buy the decorations. I went to the shops with my mother, and sometimes my grandmother and bought different kinds of decorations, cut paper and make different kinds of design and worked really hard on the Christmas day. I never wanted to buy a new Christmas tree, although it was old faded and didn’t looked that good. That old Christmas tree was like an old friend, I liked to decorate it. I don’t remember who, but some one bought a new smaller Christmas tree. It didn’t replace the old one, instead it sat beside it. Read the rest of this entry »

It’s not just a cup of tea

I do not like the tea which we get in the canteen, neither my friends like it. It is more like some bad health drink than tea, and sometimes¬† it’s so bad that it is almost impossible even to gulp it in one shot (when relatively cold ofcourse). To get some good tea (upto some level) we need to go out the hostel to makeshift-permanent tea shop. The problem with this is two folds. One, they serve tea with milk and sugar, and only one variety is available, and personally I do not like to always have tea with milk. Two, who will go outside from comfort zone just to grab a cup of tea? It’s too much overhead for a cup of tea. Yet another issue, what to do if I/we want to have some tea at midnight? Read the rest of this entry »