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Looking up

Last week at the Western Gateway Building, University College Cork.


There were visitors last month. I showed them a few places along with the Guinness storehouse. I always wanted to take a good and clean picture of the iconic Saint James’s gate. This time I got a good one and here it is.

At the pier



Before getting started again, it was nice to have the regular walk down Dún Laoghaire west pier.

Benefit of doubt

I was waiting for the underground train, around a year ago at my home city. While waiting for the train to arrive, I was thinking something. Suddenly a man approached me.

He was short, dark, and much elder than me. He was wearing old  trousers and an unstuckd shirt, both of which looked very old and faded too. He had a certain type of necklace made out of a certain type of beads, and a red Tilak on his forehead, which indicated he possibly is some kind of a devotee to a specific goddess.

He told me that he was in a trouble, and he was new in the city and lives far from here in a rural area in our state. His accent also indicated he was from that region of the state. Then he asked me if I can help him somehow. He was very polite and gentle.

I would most of the time just absolutely ignore such things, given the number of scams going on (both outside and inside). Sometimes I offer them to help my taking them to the nearest police assistance center. Although, a very few times I do go with the situation and actually believe that the other person is true. For example here Frauds in the city.

This time I decided, okay he may be new here and wanted directions or whatever, because I have seen people from different places coming first time in this city and getting lost (they will typically have no smart phones, so no GPS and stuff). Sometimes some people will one piece of paper with an address written on it. Next the man asked me if I could give 7.50 Rupees for the bus ride from where he will get down, as he lost his purse. Read the rest of this entry »

Window seat without a window

Depending on how long the flight is and if I am flying in a series of connecting flights, I will select a window seat or an aisle seat (the middle seats are terrible). In a big aircraft like Boeing 747s which have 10 seats per row (divided in a 3, 4, 3 groups) the middle two seats of the of 4 seats are the worst. Window seats are when you empty your bladder and want to get into a cave and not move until you reach the destination. Although the aisle will be in easy access for the aisle seats and you can easily get out when de-boarding the aircraft, but you also need to get up whenever the other two people wants to use the bathroom or for whatever cause. There are tradeoffs.

My general rule is, for short flights (upto 2 hours) aisle seat, and for long flights, window seats. Other seats are forbidden.

Selecting seats sometimes can  be a gamble. If you select the a seat in the middle group of 4 seats (D, E, F, G), and the flight is relatively empty, and your row happens to be empty or only one more person, you can unfold the hand rests and sleep properly using three seats. Else, the window seats are the best for sleeping. Once you get into the cave (the window seat), put down the window shades, and sleep. The only problem is the shades are a bit further away than the walls, so using the shades as the support for the head can be a bit difficult. For that a pillow or your jacket can be used to fill that gap, and it works well. Though with a window one can sometimes enjoy the outside view (sometimes). For long flights, it can be intense sunlight shining on the face, or just white stuff flying around while you sleep.

This time (for my stupidity) I selected a window seat, but without a window. There are a few seats on the window side without the windows, while checking in, I did not notice this fact. When I sat on my seat, and tried to put the window shades up, I discovered that there is no window shade, and then I found that there is no damn window.

Although I was not expecting this, but it had a big positive aspect. As there was no window, then wall is much closer to me, and I can actually rest my head against the wall. With the given pillow it’s even more comfortable. Although I cannot see outside (which I did not want to in this occasion), I could at least get a comfortable place to rest my head and sleep well to avoid the jet-lagged. Also, as the middle seat was empty and the person at the aisle seat was dead, I got to use two seats, which added up leg space.

Actually, I might prefer this seat location in future flights, when I want to sleep well on an aircraft.

A Lighthouse


Found this lighthouse at the end of a long pier at Dún Laoghaire.

The Beef is Pork confusion

We were in the legendary Tundey Kebabi in Lucknow, Uttarpradesh. We were around 10 people for a one day outing from Banaras Hindu University to Lucknow. We ordered mutton biriyani, mutton chap, chapli kebabs, parathas. None of us eats beef except me and another two friends in the group, one of whom was a friend of us from Herat,Afghanistan, studying with us.

It was a tiring day, as we started at night from Banaras and travelled overnight in train and reached Lucknow. Then we directly went for hot samosa and jalebi, and roamed around under the sun, had some kulcha chola. Visited a few places (not discussing about them here).

After the meal was served, people started eating immediately. The food starting vanishing quickly. Everyone was eating, except our friend from Afghanistan avoided the beef chapli kebabs. I kept his share on the plate. He just continued eating the other kebabs and biriyani. When I told him to eat them before I finish them off, he told that he was okay and asked me to eat them. I thought it was a tiring day, another friend felt very sick and could not eat at all, therefore he might be feeling a bit sick as well. I started to eat his share of the beef chapli kebabs.

Now the interesting thing happened. Read the rest of this entry »

Some random pictures from Turkey

Here are some random HDR processed pictures from iStanbul and Kappadokya, Turkey which I shot on 2011. I hope to soon post more (un-post-processed) pictures of Turkey.

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A dawn at the river Ganga at Assi Ghat, Uttar Pradesh Varanasi, India

Here are some pictures I took with my Nikon Coolpix P100 at Assi Ghat, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India.

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A Cat inside Topkapi Palace, iStanbul, Türkiye

It was starting to rain when I took the photo in the Topkapi Palace, iStanbul, Türkiye. The cat fluffed the fur and sat like that for some time.